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I bring live in this place

Just because I can!

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Danny: "I know that shirt from somewhere, Tom..."
Tom: "Yeah, I wore it on the show 'never mind the botox'" Sorry I'm not bothered to search the right name "Doesn't it look cool on me?"
Harry: "I look cooler than you Tom... right Doug?"
Dougie: "Iew... I smell a large ego here."
Harry feels rejected but keeps looking cool, just because he think looking cool is cool.

And another one!

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Harry thinks: "How come I feel like feeding pigs and giving birth to cows, everytime I wear this shirt?"
I just think Harry's shirt is like a farmer shirt!

That was my Caption for today... I won't be posting more the next couple of days, because I'm going away! YAY! Because I have a week and one day off!!
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