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McFly Captions

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Welcome to mcfly_captions. This is a picspam community where you caption any, and all, pictures of McFly. :D


1. All pictures and captions must be relating to McFly.
2. Keep all pictures and captions under a cut. Even if it's only one picture. ( if you don't know how to do a cut, click here ( there is no link yet ).
3. Do NOT whore your community here. You may advertise after, and only after, speaking to a mod. Otherwise you will be spanked, and Stu very much likes spanking...
4. NO fake cuts. Absolutely none. Just put the link if it's not on the community.
5. Don't request pictures, that's for mcflysize, or news about the boys. We know you love them, but really, there are enough comms out there for that sort of thing.
6. Your captions may be slashy, and dirty, and very naughty ( as we all know they're great big perverts ) but if it is, put a small warning before the cut.
7. This isn't mcflysecrets, I don't give three rat's asses if you slept with Harry. It doesn't belong here.
8. No name calling. Of any kind. Not toward the band, not toward each other, none. If it's in the caption, then that's a different story. I just don't want to see that you're calling Tom a fat ass for eating a slice of pizza.
9. Don't type like an idiot, and don't act like one. "Dis iz da ShYt lYkE rLy" is a no no unless it's supposed to be that way.
10. Have fun.


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