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Hi, I'm new... But I think you know who I am, as I am very popular (hah). For those who doesn't know me: I'm Corien, and I'm cool!

Anyway... I like captions, because it's fun

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Danny: "... and she was like 'soooo fetch' and I said: 'Shut up! That is so cool' but she was like: 'yeah OMG' and I was like: 'I am not gay!' and she was like: 'you are sooo gay' and then I was like: 'no way!' and she didn't believed that I wasn't gay, and I said again: 'no way!' "

And maybe it has to be an image, but I thought this video would be good too:

Danny is pointing at the camera: "Say something"
Dougie looks up at Danny: "Say something about what we did last tonight."
Danny leans towards Dougie: "Wha?"
Dougie: "Say something about the naughty things we did last tonight."
Danny did hear him, but doesn't believe him: "Wha?"
Dougie repeats it.
Danny is shocked and thinks: "Dougie is a naughty boy, I have to take him home tonight and spank him"
Dougie looks at Danny's crotch thinking: "I hope he gets hard by thinking of it"
I mean, there is a reason Danny pulls his leg up a bit...

Maybe I'll find some more pics tonight =P
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