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I'm back! And I soooo love this community, but it isn't very active... well, I keep it a bit more active *pats herzelf on her shoulder*

First of all: I LOVE Dougie's hair there, and so does my friend Nicole(she just loves the person in the middle (L))
And second: TOM IS BLONDE AGAIN (I've been saying this the whole day to everybody, but I said it in Dutch *Tom is blond* but I said without thinking: *Tom is blond again* in half Dutch accent and the 'again' was in English) aaaaannyyy waaay

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Tom kisses Dougie: "Sexy little boy"
Dougie just looks weird
Danny is in denial: "I'm not looking away because I'm jealous at Tom for kissing Dougie, who ofcourse isn't the love of my life!"
Harry thinks: "Hmmm... suspicious. Tom is kissing Dougie, and Danny is looking away. And Dougie is just being his sexy himself! Suspicious"

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Here are two captions:

Harry:"And she just dumped me! I loved her so much!"
Others: "AAAAAWWW!" *starts to massage his neck*

Harry: "OUCH DOUGIE! Don't lean on my shoulders it hurts!"
Danny: "Wimp"
Dougie: "Noo, otherwise I'll fall!"
Tom: "I know it hurts Harry, but it was your own fault!"
Harry: "But it were your nails, stop scratching and biting me when we are... uuuhmm" Harry blushes

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